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Sourced from local, safety-conscious farms and rooted in close-knit Saskatchewan communities, our high-quality, ethical, free-run chickens come with the assurance of family values, safety, and trust

Committed to Quality and Community

We source our live product exclusively from Saskatchewan, with 85% of our poultry farms within an hour’s drive of Saskatoon. This close relationship with local farmers ensures the freshest, highest quality poultry, fed on wholesome, wheat-based diets.

Local Impact, Global Reach

Prairie Pride Natural Foods Ltd. is a privately owned poultry processing company, located in Saskatoon, SK, supplying fresh and frozen poultry products to customers located in Saskatchewan and across Canada. Prairie Pride is also actively involved in the exporting of poultry products to a variety of countries around the world. Currently 14% of our production is sent to customers outside of Canada.

Industry Leaders

Since beginning operations, in Jan of 2006, Prairie Pride has grown to become one of the major partners in the Chicken Industry of Saskatchewan and is currently the largest processor of chicken, turkey and breeder fowl in the province.


Prairie Pride Natural Foods Ltd. operates one of Canada’s most modern hatcheries, located in Grandora, SK, where we employ 19 full time employees. The hatchery currently has capacity to hatch up to 500,000 chicks per week and the ability to double that amount when the need arises.

Operational Efficiency

Prairie Pride’s 110,000 sq. ft. federally Inspected processing facility, located in Saskatoon, SK, employs over 300 full time staff and has a current capacity to process, package and ship 750,000 chickens per week. The plant design also allows for the ability to process breeder fowl and turkeys.

Our Mission

Providing quality produce for Canadian families

Prairie Pride stands at the forefront of poultry production, dedicated to serving grocery stores and exporting quality products globally. Our partnership with local poultry producers and the Chicken Farmers of Saskatchewan is the cornerstone of our success.